Tenderfood - Internet food market in Ukraine. Negotiations betweenThe bidders on price and volume issues are held online.

The platform allows all market players to search in real timeoptimal offers. Implement and purchase the required volumes of productsat favorable prices. Bidding allows you to conduct online negotiations aboutsupply volume and pricing policy, find new sales markets and reliablewholesale suppliers of goods. Offer your own prices, put up lots,discuss terms, make deals on mutually beneficial terms.Only authorized users can become Bidders,passed several levels of internal and external verification. Besides, whomto admit to the discussion of the proposal, the participant has the right to chooseindependently. The general rules of the resource can be found atthe corresponding page of the site. Detailed instructions for using the portalavailable in the personal account of a registered user. We wish you luckdeals, big profits and reliable partners!

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  • AAA Recommended counterparty
  • AA Reliable counterparty
  • A The company is authorized to the bid
  • b The business reputation of the counterparty is insufficient
  • b- Unreliable counterparty
  • del- The company is liquidated, or in the stage of bankruptcy

Business reputation the company determines the level of reliability of the company as a counterparty. The company withfinal rating B, B-, DEL before bidding are not allowed.

The business reputation of the company is determined by:

  • compliance by the company with the terms of trading (quality of goods, delivery time, etc.)
  • assessment of trusted counterparties (with experience with this company)
  • by the assessment of the industry Unions and Project Partners (aggregatedqualification assessment)
  • data from various external sources

About the project


Tenderfood is a portal for food wholesale. Only authorized users and companies participate in the bidding.Choose your partners, opening access to bidding to selected counterparties.

  • 100% Users undergo an in-depth business reputation test
  • 96% Companies have a high-reliability rate
  • 84% Bidding is successfully completed within the first hour of opening
  • 19,8 млн. грн. The average turnover of contracts concluded per day
  • 2000 Online auctions are held daily on the portal
  • 12 Countries around the world announce their own proposals on the site
  • 81% The agreements end with long-term cooperation
  • 73% Counterparties sell their own products through our portal
  • 85% Large retail chains in Ukraine successfully use Tenderfood to purchase goods
  • 76% Auctions for Tenderfood open Ukrainian food producers


Marketplace Tenderfood opens up almost limitless opportunities for business development.The portal authorizes individuals and representatives of small, medium, and large businesses from Ukraine, Europe, the CIS, and the world.


Use the marketplace for free. Each user must provide a complete package of documents for registration and verification. After obtaining the status of an authorized counterparty, the participant can join the online bidding. The user's business reputation will grow after the successful and honest execution of contracts. Unscrupulous bidders may not participate in the bidding.

  • Choose the participants yourself to discuss your own proposal.Negotiate with reliable contractors online
  • It is easy to find the product you want. All offers can be seen withflexible filter parameters settings during registration
  • Use the platform for free. Make deals on favorable terms